- All of the furniture that we offer will require some form of care from time to time.

All the furniture we supply may need some maintenance from time to time, to keep it in tip top condition. 
Wood is obviously a natural product and we have listed some examples below that will not be classed as faulty or defective.  By purchasing from Brock Interiors, you are accepting the statements below.
With regards to our wooden furniture we provide a range of products in different finishes, including oils, wax’s, paints and lacquers.  We also offer several combinations of painted, rough sawn, scrubbed, limed, and natural timber finishes.  Some ranges have a cleaner and smoother finish, with little variation in colour and grain, whereby others have a more rustic nature, with small knots, blemishes and color variation. 
Over time expansion gaps may appear in the timber as they adjust to the seasonal variations of humidity within a modern centrally heated home, which can be very dry in winter. This is usually minor, but is perfectly natural with some furniture ranges.  
We recommend that the temperature is controlled in the room where a table is used for the first few months, to no more than 20 degrees C, to allow it time to adjust to the dryer air more naturally and gradually. 
If you decide to use your wooden furniture in a conservatory or a room with underfloor heating, it will invalidate your 12-month product guarantee, as it may force the timber to lose any remaining moisture too quickly.
Some of the oiled tables that we offer will need re-oiling or re-waxing from time to time to maintain their resistance to liquid spills.  In some cases, a fresh coat of oil or wax depending on the range you choose, may improve the colours on a table top.   
We recommend that any mats or partial coverings that are used on dining tables are moved around every few weeks, to reduce the chances of sunlight bleaching parts of the table top.
We recommend that mats and coasters are used to keep plates, cups and glasses out of direct contact with the table surface.  Any spillages on the furniture should be wiped up immediately with a dry lint free cloth.
We recommend that all our oiled and waxed furniture products have at least an annual waxing or oiling to nourish the wood and keep it more resistant to liquid spillages.  
Failure to care for your furniture in the correct manner may invalidate your 12-month furniture warranty guarantee.  
We are more than happy to offer additional advice regarding how to care for your furniture and on the various products available.
Please feel free to contact us if you require any further advice.
Brock Interiors